The temptation to reminisce about the past must be resisted. History is most useful in terms of its contribution to our present ability to face the ever-increasing challenges of today.

We all know the facts. People throughout the world are suffering every day. Conflicts, natural disasters and poverty overwhelm our planet. This is so familiar and yet these problems prevail. Clearly, knowledge is not enough.

Youths do not need to be lectured, but to gain practical experience of compassion. Humanitarian Affairs recognizes that young people hold the key to the future. But equally, they require support in order to unlock their true potential.

Empowered to initiate events, conduct relief programmes and embrace global debates, Humanitarian Affairs volunteers transform the present into the most meaningful opportunity. They gain awareness, confidence and skills by helping to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

As we strive for youth development, we invite you to actively embrace our vision.
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