Asia Fund Raising
Conference 2016
Though Asia may have a large number of NGOs, it also has a large population of people living below the poverty line. Even with Asia’s emerging economy and recent trends in social entrepreneurship, one may also find that there is still a big income gap between the rich and the poor.

Bringing together 700 of Asia’s game-changing philanthropists and fund-raisers, the Asia Fundraising Conference is a 3-day knowledge-based event that will provide organisations and institutions the opportunity to update their skills in creating innovative and sustainable solutions in mobilizing resources and managing operations.

The Conference on November 28 to November 30, 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand is expected to help key players in the development sector discover strategic principles and methods that will help set them apart in the ever-changing field of development work.

But more than just providing attendees with a learning opportunity to update and advance their knowledge and skills, the Conference will also provide exhibition spaces as well as an avenue to network with some of Asia’s fundraising specialists.

More information can be obtained from www.asiafundraisingconference.org