Jack Growden

LiteHaus International
Founder & Chairman

My life has been changed immensely after an incredible journey to attend the USLS.

Sitting there at the 8th USLS as a 21 year old Australian and watching people not much older than me reflect on the courageous decision they made to create their own initiative and drive it to success, inspired me to do the same. 

Earlier, I had visited remote Papua New Guinea and been inspired by the tenacity of the children there who would walk three hours barefoot in the monsoon season just to get to school every single morning. At this point in time, no primary school in Papua New Guinea had access to twenty-first century technology.

As a member of the crowd at the 8th USLS, these children were in the back of my mind. I wanted to leave a legacy, and I even had a name for it scribbled in my USLS notebook that day: ”LiteHaus” – the Papua New Guinean vernacular for lighthouse.  

A month after attending the USLS, I was presented with the challenging decision of whether or not I should donate my laptop to a school in Papua New Guinea where I was doing research. 

USLS had taught me to be selfless and to commit to genuine generosity and turn one act into a mission. I knew if I donated that laptop, I would embark on an incredible mission.

Fast forward to August 2018, one year after my USLS experience, the not-for-profit foundation which I founded, LiteHaus International, has raised almost $17,500 AUD, completed four projects across three countries and influenced the lives of a thousand wonderful people.

Within just 12 months of my time at the USLS, I had seen and felt the incredible rewards of committing one’s life to serving humanity, which USLS has inspired me to do.

One speaker at the USLS spoke of how their passion preserved through horrible setbacks and obstacles. After our completion of the second ever computer lab in a Papua New Guinean primary school, a Papua New Guinean national thanked me “for not stopping at the red lights”.

The USLS steeled my resolve to see my contribution to humanity through any barriers I would encounter along the way on my mission to provide children in the developing world with the same tools as those living in more fortunate circumstances so that they are not “left behind” in the 21st Century.

Reflecting upon the last twelve months, which have seen this dreamy idea of mine mature into a multinational development organisation with a presence across three countries known as LiteHaus International, I am so very grateful for the USLS and the lessons of perspective and tenacity which it taught me.

My mission is to make sure that nobody around the world is left behind, another notion I was inspired by at the incredible USLS.


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