Every individual regardless of gender should have equality of consideration and opportunity.

While other children were playing outside, Kanchan Amatya was nestled in a corner of a library reading book after book; fantasising with her friends about challenging the status quo. Fast forward several years and she’s received a scholarship to study abroad in Oklahoma, America to be exact – thousands of miles away from her home country, Nepal.

Despite the distance, the childhood dream lingered so using her education to her advantage, Amatya founded a social enterprise upon returning to Nepal. Although the local culture promotes equality in all matters, some archaic social narratives prevail, e.g.: how a menstruating woman is blasphemous.

With that in mind, Amatya founded the Sustainable Fish Farming Initiative (SFFI), which empowers women through sustainable aquaculture. The company aims to solve food insecurity in rural areas while also combating poverty in general by creating jobs; since its inception, more than 25,000 female farmers in Nepal have had their lives uplifted. In her own words, the company “…provides rural women in Nepal with access to all the tools and resources necessary to bolster profitable fish farming production – training, micro-credit, distribution and market facilitation…”

Besides running a business, Amatya also serves as the United Nations Women’s Global Champion for Women’s Economic Empowerment, a self-explanatory position. “…I represent and provide a voice for young women, women of color.. whose issues do not always align with…mainstream feminism,” she said, “I want every woman and girl to get that opportunity because every individual regardless of gender should have equality of consideration and opportunity.”

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