Today I believe we can make women comprise 50 percent of the job market by 2030.

Most people unknowingly assume that advocating for women’s rights is a job solely dedicated to women but men continue to proof how that isn’t the reality of the situation. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Khalid Al-Khudair has been empowering women since 2011 through his organisation Glowork – an online recruitment agency created specifically for local women searching for employment opportunities in the Kingdom.

Al-Khudair founded the organisation with the intention of placing 50,000 women into work. At the time, the employment rates for women in the Kingdom were the lowest in the world. Since 2011, more than 36,000 women in the Kingdom have been employed through Glowork. “You see women who are educated and women who are able to give back, so why not? Why can’t they? I knew the opportunity was there; I knew women wanted to work and there were jobs for them, so it was a matter of closing up the gap…” he said.

Besides matching women to employers, Glowork also hosts career fairs just for women. In 2017, more than 40,000 women attended the event! As the world recognises women’s rights more and more, so does the Kingdom, with numerous public policies in relation to women having changed recently.

Now, women can run their own business and can be hired in fields previously considered un-hireable. Examples being: the entertainment industry, the sports industry, and the automobile industry.

“Today I believe we can make women comprise 50 percent of the job market by 2030.” Al-Khudair said.

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