I want everybody, especially children, to live with enough light

Growing up in South Korea, Jehwan Park assumed electricity to be a norm, readily available elsewhere. However, during a trip to India in 2014, Park experienced first-hand the struggles developing countries face in relation to electricity. As an electronic engineering major, he couldn’t stop pondering on how to solve the problem so during an entrepreneurship class he created a solution; his prototype, a lamp powered through heat, received support via numerous grants and awards.

Although solar-based products would be the first choice for most innovators, Park realised the barriers, such as battery issues and weather dependence. His product, on the other hand, would be heated by a candle, which consumers in developing countries can easily purchase and for cheap. The LED lamp, named Lumir C, produces light 15 to 60 times stronger than candlelight,

Later that year, Park founded Lumir, based on a sustainable business model – basically, Lumir would sell high-end products to developed markets to fund the production of low-cost products for developing countries. “I want everybody, especially children, to live with enough light,” Park said.

Lumir C is available in several countries, like America, Japan, and around Europe. Recently, Lumir K was launched exclusively in Indonesia, a lamp powered by cooking oil, creating an even cheaper solution; Lumir K is estimated to save $23,000 for families and to create 150,900 hours of light.  “.…the country is made up of… islands that are separated…making it difficult to build large power plants that can reach all areas,” Park said.

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