Visiting Papua New Guinea touched me deeply. Because of the island’s remote location, most schools did not have access to 21st century technology.

As much as I wanted to, I didn’t know how a 21-year-old Australian like myself could help. Attending the 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium gave me a new perspective.

I listened to people, who were not much older than me, reflect on how they summoned the courage to start their own initiatives.

A month after USLS, I donated my laptop to a school in Papua New Guinea, where I was doing research. This was the start of an incredible mission.

In August 2018, I founded LiteHaus International, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to improve

education on the island and beyond. We provide schoolchildren with laptops, stationary and USB drives to enhance their learning.

The organisation has since raised almost AUD$17,500, completed four projects across three countries, and influenced the lives of 1,000 wonderful people.

After the completion of our second ever school computer lab, a Papua New Guinean national thanked me for “not stopping at the red lights

I recalled how a USLS speaker inspired me to remain passionate in the face of setbacks and obstacles.

USLS steeled my resolve to contribute to humanity, in spite of the difficulties I may encounter along the way. I am grateful for its lessons on courage, humility and the importance of a right perspective.

I am determined to remain steadfast on my mission, to provide children in developing countries with the same tools as those living under better circumstances. No one should be left behind.

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