Remote Internship

Humanitarian Affairs wants to make it possible for young people to still be able to lead social changes from wherever they are. We are offering remote internship opportunities for young people to support our global communications, marketing, and partnership projects.

Our remote interns play a vital role in contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 on Partnerships.

They will take on projects that advance our youth empowerment initiatives and champion positive social and global change.

We empower our team to add value to the global youth community by combining their knowledge and abilities to effect positive changes. They create content on youth empowerment skills to raise awareness through writing on forgotten social issues and conduct interviews to feature minority voices.

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In addition, they contribute their research skills towards building our global database to reach out to more like-minded young people who are passionate about social changes worldwide.

In every corner of the world, our remote interns are a global force for good. They are part of the global voices for a more inclusive world and part of our global movement for positive societal change.Submit your application to be part of our remote global changemakers.

Jasmine Mohamud
Swansea University, UK

I felt that the Humanitarian Affairs Asia initiatives really aligned with my values. What interested me about HA is their priority to make the world a better place by inspiring people to champion societal change.

Anita Chaplin
University of Adelaide, Australia

Humanitarianism is core to who I am; and making a positive difference in my community is what I am passionate about. I joined Humanitarian Affairs Asia to learn how to become a humanitarian on a global stage, to collaborate with young people and to learn more about how to foster change worldwide.

Cecillia Bæk Hansen
Aarhus University, Denmark

After attending the Peace Summit, I felt empowered and equipped to act, leading me to change the course of my education to be centred on security and peace studies, which I have been able to align with my continued work with Humanitarian Affairs Asia.

Humanitarian Affairs Asia has shown me the power that a collaborative, creative, and international work environment holds – even when working remotely. I have been able to grow, expand, confront my comfort zone, and improve my public speaking skills through encouraging mentorship and support from the Organisation.

My aim is to inspire young people the same way I was inspired. I am extremely grateful to work with Humanitarian Affairs Asia.

Kar Lok Pang
University of Oxford, UK

Getting involved in youth empowerment with an NGO was not something I ever envisioned doing.

My application to Humanitarian Affairs Asia for the remote internship was made during the pandemic. Coming from Singapore, a rapidly developing city with access to world-class resources and a penchant for claiming ‘first’s for many things, it was surprising for me to learn that HA was based in Bangkok, Thailand. Having enjoyed many shopping and food-fueled trips to Bangkok, I had never associated the city with NGO work.

Now serving H.A. to advance the Sustainable Development Goal 17 (Partnership for the Goals), I am involved with youth empowerment causes, and treasures my connection to a global network of other passionate and inspiring youths.

Jenna Driskill
University of Virginia, USA

I am inspired by Humanitarian Affairs Asia’s core values. Empowerment, Enablement, Enlargement and Development make up the foundations of constructing a better world for everyone. Thus, I joined the remote internship to initiate a positive change in the world.

Ava Chen
University of Melbourne, Australia

I am excited and eager to make the world a better place. Joining the Humanitarian Affairs Asia family is one of my first steps to contribute, and to learn how to contribute more.

Bezawit Bogale
University of Virginia, USA

I joined the remote internship program to apply the skills from my professional and non-professional experience and to help build a community of youth for positive societal change. I want to be part of an organization that works to transition young people to young leaders.

Kasey Kim
University of Ilinois, USA

Volunteering has always been influential and helped foster my love for service through encounters with diverse groups. It strengthened my belief that individuals can make a change when given the chance. Humanitarian Affairs Asia is able to facilitate and encourage this movement, so that’s why I was happy to join the team.

Vaishnavi Karimpuzha
University of Virginia, USA

As a double major in Biology and Chinese, I intend on pursuing a career in global public health within the larger context of humanitarian aid. Through the remote internship at Humanitarian Affairs Asia, I hope to expand my knowledge of humanitarian affairs and gain experience working in youth development.

Natalie Chow
University of South Australia

To create a difference, there needs to be a start from somewhere. Through Humanitarian Affairs Asia, I see an exciting opportunity to be a part of a forward-thinking and youth-focused organization aiming to drive positive impacts. With that said, I joined the remote internship and was delighted to work with inspiring and talented individuals.

Rita Wakefield
University of Auckland, New Zealand

I was inspired to join the remote internship after attending the 9th University Scholars Leadership Symposium. I am happy to work towards global justice and positive social change.

Aratrika Bose
University of New South Wales, Australia

As a recent communications graduate, I decided to join the Humanitarian Affairs Asia Family as I admire the great work they are doing. The remote internship program is the perfect opportunity for me to use my skills to contribute positively to the world and social justice.

A highlight of my experience was working with my fellow interns to create an exciting project. Without an incredible team, this would not have been possible.

Kumi Milliken
University of Queensland, Australia

My journey with Humanitarian Affairs Asia began at the 2nd Peace Summit of Emerging Young Leaders in Bangkok, Thailand. Reflecting on my time at the summit, it truly was an unforgettable experience where I was able to connect, listen and learn from like-minded individuals from all around the world committed to creating a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for all.

Feeling inspired, I became a remote intern for HA where I was able to utilise my skills of storytelling for social change and have the space to write and speak about issues I am passionate about.

I hope to inspire others to take action and give back to their communities.

Aiyesha Swarnn
Aston University, UK

I believe that it is important to help make an impact in this world. The values of Humanitarian Affairs Asia align with mine and contributing back to society is what I wanted. I am glad to be part of the Humanitarian Affairs Family.

Clara Zioli da Igreja
Grinnell College, Brazil

The Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders played a vital role in expanding my understanding of what peace means by connecting me with inspiring leaders worldwide, and their stories taught me a lot about resilience and meaningful change. Therefore, I signed up as a remote intern to join the movement of change.

Aleena Haidari
University of Virginia. USA

I joined Humanitarian Affairs Asia to expand my knowledge of the broader global community and continue my efforts in helping the world to become a better place. I hope to expand the scope of my outreach and help a broader group of people.

Atilini Moala
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Humanitarian Affairs Asia’s inspiring initiatives and mission to push for youth empowerment is the driving force of why I wanted to join as a remote intern as it aligns with what I want to do and what I believe in which is to make a positive change.

Diane Jung
University of Virginia, USA

I joined Humanitarian Affairs remote internship because we share the same missions and values – making the world a better place by developing compassion and leadership within myself and upon the next generation. This value that we share made me apply for this internship without a second thought and I have no regret.

Lauren Sharp
Macquarie University, Australia

I become a HA’s remote intern because I want to be a part of building a better world and a happier future for everyone. There are so many issues facing communities across the globe, and I want to be able to help and encourage others to do the same.

Abbey Cutler
La Trobe University, Australia

Throughout my career, I hope to make meaningful changes in the world. I want to reduce global inequality and make a positive impact on society. Humanitarian Affairs Asia believes in inspiring the next generation of ambassadors for change. In my role as a remote intern, I hope to not only be a champion for change but inspire others to do the same. I am grateful to be part of this movement of change.