What We Do

We believe that every individual has limited resources to help others. Thus, Humanitarian Affairs Asia has initiated a movement to empower youth to transform their communities.

Humanitarian Affairs aspires to tackle global challenges and serve society by getting young people.


We believe in cultivating a spirit of selfless giving and contributing to youth development, no matter where they are.

Among the priorities cited in our Strategic Vision, the ethos of service before self stands out. Humanitarian Affairs Asia tries to make the world a better place by going above and beyond expected

We wish to instill a sense of social responsibility in emerging world leaders. Future leaders need to learn to give back to the


At its heart,

Humanitarian Affairs Asia is a global movement that inspires youth to champion societal change. They should be willing to respond to the needs of the marginalised with kindness and

unconditional service.

The Courage to Explore

As human beings, we tend to think of ourselves as individual entities, separate from the rest of mankind. Travel may open our eyes to a myriad of cultures, personalities, and languages. However, the most important lesson we can hope to learn is of the common humanity which binds us all together. As we begin to explore the world around us and discover that we share…