Diplomats today are no longer just members of an exclusive professional guild as was the case in the past. Instead of an exclusive diplomatic elite we have now quite a heterogeneous body of professional people participating in various capacities in the management of current international relations, both global and regional.

The required skills are also heterogeneous, starting from general diplomatic skills, mainly negotiation and representation, and extending to specialised skills and competencies for dealing with particular issues, such as the protection of the environment, or the procurement of trade and the establishment of the commercial ties that are so vital to the strengthening of relations between nations.

With sessions delivered by Ambassadors, Foreign Service and Government officials, on different aspects of global affairs and international relations, delegates will gain the tools to effectively engage with key stakeholders at significant moments in their future diplomatic careers.

This International Diplomacy Forum will present an opportunity in the development of soft-skills for aspiring diplomats and future world leaders. It is hosted to recognise, enhance and develop the next generation of diplomats and world leaders.



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