Be a Youth

Every year, Humanitarian Affairs organises large-scale events such as the University Scholars Leadership Symposium, Peace Summit and the Global Intership Placement.

These events bring youths from different corners of the world together, to kickstart conversations, collaborations and commitments towards positive global change.

We believe that youths have the ability to initiate change, and are capable enough to organise global conferences have impacted thousands of lives.

As a Youth Advocate, you will have the opportunity to plan, coordinate and execute an established international event.

The role will give you a strong competitive edge that could advance your career. If you are still in school, gaining a first-hand, real-world perspective of humanitarian issues enriches your textbook knowledge and helps you apply it.

Expect to network and engage with humanitarians, officials and representatives from numerous United Nations agencies. Every conversation has the potential to open doors to bigger opportunities.

Come as a team player, with an open mind and enthusiasm for global exposure. Leave with a full heart, communication skills and a readiness to embark on a meaningful journey of a lifetime.

Join us if you:

  • Are excited about planning a global conference for youths like yourself
  • Wish to gain a first-hand, real-world perspective of humanitarian issues such as poverty, inequality and displacement
  • See value in networking with humanitarian leaders, and engaging with United Nations agencies and other non-governmental organisations
  • Are open-minded, empathetic and good team player
  • Can commit for a period of 6 to 12 months

You are never too young or inexperienced to make a difference in the world.


To Make the World We Call Home a Better Place


We Believe that Our Work Improves Lives


To Inspire Youths to Step Forward as Servant Leaders

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