It's time to take action

The year is 2100. Time has run out.

The air is thick with smog. The ice caps have melted. Roads are submerged where sea defences cannot shield the land from rising water levels. The eco-systems, essential to our survival, struggle to adapt to the new environment. Polar bears are extinct. The future generations of humankind fear that they will be next.

If you could turn back time to the year 2021, what changes can you and will you make? Will you swap the disposable plastic bag for a reusable one? Will you reduce your meat consumption? Will you take action to protect our planet, and encourage others to do the same?

The Green Summit 2022 at the United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok will ignite your passion to fight for a greener future and join thousands of other young people to take action around the world. You will emerge as a Humanitarian Affairs Green Ambassador and motivate others to make a difference. You will be inspired to build a future for your generation as well as a future for the next generation.

It’s time. Let’s turn the tide on climate change.

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