Youth Steering Committee


An avid writer, campaigner and creative, Emi works as a ghostwriter and Nepali tutor alongside studying Philosophy at University College London. Emi campaigns passionately to bring about change in the world, from women’s empowerment to sustainable living. After spending a 12-month placement in the remote regions of Nepal, Emi returned to the UK dedicated to providing a platform for Nepali voices. 

Through founding her own charity, Emi seeks to raise awareness of gender and economic inequalities prevalent in rural Nepalese communities through the experiences of Nepali individuals living in the UK. When Emi is not working with the writers’ group she founded in London, you might find her writing intently for her personal blog or uploading endless photos of her dog, Bella, to Instagram. Always seeking out new adventures on this beautiful planet, Emi believes it is imperative that we rise to the challenge as leaders and be of service to the next generation.

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