Youth Steering Committee


Our creative guru and master film-maker, Ewan’s earliest creative project was a clay-mation zombie film: the set pieces were made out of cardboard, it was photographed on his Dad’s flip phone, and the protagonist had bright red hands. Since then, Ewan has gone on to study Film Production at Liverpool John Moores University and Script-Writing at the University of Central Lancashire. 

He has written and produced a number of short films, with his recent animated short ‘Nigel’s Ark’ (2020) being selected and exhibited in the Montreal International Indie Short Film Awards and the Toronto Short Film Channel. When he’s not re-watching Scrubs, Ewan is working on writing and recording his next indie music album under the name The Room Upstairs.

Ewan looks forward to working on the Green Summit to use art and design to engage young people in the climate crisis and to build a community they can belong to, interact with, and feel valued in.

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