Youth Steering Committee


Having moved from London to New York to study History at Columbia University, you are likely to come across Jasleen exploring the exquisite food scene in New York or getting lost in one of the many museums that the city has to offer. When she’s not planning her next ski trip, Jasleen can be found watching documentaries or practicing her baking skills. 

As Senior Editor for the Columbia Political Review, Jasleen writes engaging pieces for the political opinion column, drawing attention to prevalent human rights and national security issues. Her internships with New York’s congressional district and the Dynamic Strategic Resource Group have motivated Jasleen to ensure the voices of young people are heard in national policymaking.  

Following her placement with an NGO to bring quality educational experiences to the children who need it most in Peru, Jasleen could not stop to continue her service for the world. Jasleen looks forward to developing sustainable, community-led solutions at the Green Summit. 

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