Youth Steering Committee


Known for her ever-increasing book collection, Lauren enjoys reading everything from feminist poetry to dystopian fiction. She loves exploring museums, watching documentaries, and going to the theatre. Yet, when you ask Lauren what her hobbies are, she will inevitably say “Politics”. 

Having studied International Studies at the University of Leiden and North American Studies at Radboud University, Lauren is fascinated about the way politics is intertwined with effecting social change. Through participating in Model United Nations conferences across the world, she strongly believes in the power of bringing young people together to re-image and re-create a more sustainable and just future.

Inspired by Rebecca Solnit’s “Letter to the March 15, 2019, Climate Strikers”, Lauren believes that change comes slow because we think we have to play by the rules of those who do not wish for change. It is up to us to write the new rules. Working on the Green Summit, Lauren seeks to do just that.

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