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When she’s not backpacking across continents, Natasha can be found curled up in an armchair reading a classic novel or studying hard for her Law degree at the University of Cambridge. 

Combining her travel with her keen interest in international development, Natasha has collaborated with Afrinspire, a UK’s charity which supports African initiatives in development and poverty reduction in East Africa. She also founded a Book Campaign for HELP Nepal to send 2,000 children’s books to rural Nepali primary schools. 

With a strong sense of justice, Natasha has worked with Amicus to ensure access to justice on death row in the US and with Citizens Advice to provide support within her local community. 

Beginning her journey as a delegate at the 10th USLS in Kuala Lumpur, Natasha has since represented Humanitarian Affairs Asia at several United Nations conferences, collaborating with world leaders in the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

As Chair of the Green Summit, Youth Steering Committee, Natasha wants to remind young leaders that no one is too young to make a difference.

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