Youth Steering Committee

Nne Amakar

A proud Zimbabwean and Nigerian national, Nnea used her position as Head Girl at school to champion initiatives in women’s empowerment, including bringing together women across Harare to share their stories of success and to inspire young girls to dream bigger. Nnea herself decided to move to the Netherlands to study Global Law at Tilburg University. 

She was selected to be part of the Outreaching Honors Program and was thereafter voted on to be the President of the 8th Cohort. Before starting her double Masters in Law & Technology and International Business Law, Nnea is working as Vice President of United Netherlands to inspire young people to recognise the power of their own voice when taking action on humanitarian issues. If you want to befriend Nnea, simply ask her about the latest Korean drama she’s watching or surprise her with a dish of Nigerian jollof rice. 

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