Youth Steering Committee


A diligent Law student at King’s College London, Perlina is driven by a strong desire to protect and help those in need. Perlina founded the platform ‘Natwar’ that aims to create opportunities for people to make charitable contributions by placing a variety of dedicated do-good projects, movements, and campaigns all in one place. 

Her interests in international and human rights law led her to sign up as a United Nations online volunteer, contributing to the campaigns and sponsorship campaigns for the Cancer Support Foundation of Uganda. Keen to ensure access to legal justice, Perlina has worked with the King’s Legal Clinic to provide free legal advice to the members of the public, and with ‘SolidariTee’ to raise funds for the legal aid and representation of refugees and asylum seekers. In her spare time, Perlina enjoys reading, painting, travelling, and going on scenic walks.

Perlina hopes to bring the world together as one at the Green Summit.

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