Youth Steering Committee


Tajrean can best be described by three things: her love for public service, her obsession with science history, and her passion for change. Whilst studying History and Science at Harvard College, Tajrean’s internship at the Office for Sustainability provided an important insight into how green initiatives make vital changes at the community level and how these can lead to a wide-scale impact across cities, states, and even countries. 

Tajrean now works for Physicians for Human Rights, using medicine and science to advocate against mass atrocities and human rights violations around the world. Tajrean is excited to work on the Green Summit to combine her creativity and marketing expertise to motivate young people across the world to take action and provide a platform for Bangladeshi voices to be heard. Since lockdown, Tajrean has reignited her love for her creative projects and spends her free time painting, volunteering, and hate-watching live action adaptations.

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