Claire Emery

Australia Intern 2019

The 2018 Peace Summit was unlike any conference I had ever experienced. It fostered the collaboration, connection and empowerment of young individuals from diverse cultures and multidisciplinary backgrounds. As delegates, we were drawn together to live out our common vision of driving positive social change. The experience affirmed my desire to work as an agent of peace and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable world.

I understood that accepting an internship at Humanitarian Affairs would require me  to share this transformative opportunity with others. The internship not only fulfilled my original hopes and expectations; it profoundly exceeded them.

I was given the mentorship, support and opportunities I needed to invest in my own professional and personal development. I grew in my ability to lead others with emotional intellect and confidence. The time spent as an intern  also fuelled my drive and discipline, traits that strong leaders hold.

My HA family was right there with me through my wide-ranging experiences in Thailand. They were there through the challenges, realisations, humbling instances of self-discovery and the many moments of laughter and happiness. HA is made up of diverse individuals who band together to encourage each other’s strengths and learn from one another’s differences. It is a network of support and respect that works  towards a unified vision.

As I write these words, I realise it’s a replication of the organisation’s wider purpose, to create a community that empowers individuals to achieve a universal vision of positive social change.

The HA experience is a journey of immense personal growth, reflection, raw human connection and self-fulfilment that will continue to shape me in the years to come.


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