Irini Kassas

Greece Intern 2017

My internship placement with Humanitarian Affairs can only be described as a once in a lifetime experience.

From the beginning it was clear that Humanitarian Affairs could assist me by investing in my personal development, cultivating my character and educating me on global leadership etiquette. Without hesitation I applied for an internship placement and I have to say, I have no regrets from this experience.

Throughout my internship I was encouraged to share my passion of assisting others and reinforce my own enthusiasm for positive social change. More importantly, Humanitarian Affairs provided me with a nurturing environment that went above and beyond to include both personal and professional development. The recognition by Humanitarian Affairs of my own abilities fostered not only my knowledge, but my confidence. I was provided with an abundance of remarkable resources to enliven motivation, drawing from great examples of dedicated world leaders who I can aspire to.

From my time with Humanitarian Affairs I have come to realize that the greatest achievement one can set out to accomplish is the formation of connections with others, as we as human beings have an innate need to belong. Through these connections we can create support for people in need and can learn from and assist one another. I consider Humanitarian Affairs a family for like-minded youths who want to contribute to positive social change.

With Humanitarian Affairs time is never lost, never wasted and never used as a measurement of success – rather it is valued and cherished through the moments we share. Time spent with Humanitarian Affairs is an investment utilized in the best possible way, through the continuation of self-growth and infinite opportunities to become an effective leader. With each passing minute interning at Humanitarian Affairs shapes you into a leader of today, not tomorrow or in the distant future.

As young people we must commit whole-heartedly to opportunities and become the voice of many in order to achieve positive change for our world – Humanitarian Affairs is the first step to getting there.


To Make The World
We Call Home
A Better Place


We Believe
That Our Work
Improves Lives


To Inspire Youths
To Step Forward
As Servant Leaders

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