Leafy Yang

Intern 2019

My internship with Humanitarian Affairs Asia has been a life-changing experience. This six-months internship was one of the most rewarding times of my life, which has taught me something far beyond my imagination. Not only did I understand more on professional work ethics; I have learnt more about effective communication skills, which certainly will help me in my future career.

To be honest, I came here to improve my oral English and communication skills. However, I ended up having a deeper understanding of myself, and how to live a purposeful life. 

It is amazing how people from different countries, different cultures, different social backgrounds come together, to work for a common cause with Humanitarian Affairs Asia. I still remember the lack of confidence in performing my works at the early stage of the internship. It is Janice Leong, our executive director and other interns who have encouraged me all the time, helping me with my work and let me believe in myself, so I can ameliorate my performance and stick to the goals that I’ve set for myself. This internship offers me with a clear life direction and help me become a better person. 

What I have experienced in Humanitarian Affairs Asia enabled me to grow and mature as a person. Mr. Kim Solomon, Secretary General of Humanitarian Affairs Asia, always encourages us to give our best in whatever we do; so that we can make changes to ourselves and to the world. He is one of the most inspiring leaders I have ever met.

The 10th University Scholars Leadership Symposium was certainly the highlight of this internship. Till now, I still feels immersed in this symposium that I have never experienced before, and I am grateful of my time working for this incredible program.

The lovable people and the colorful memories along the way will be what I cherish most. I have become much more independent through this internship, and frankly speaking, I have gotten the best summer experience ever by serving with HAA. 

Last but not least, it is my great honor to be a member of HAA family, and to work for such an inspiring Organisation.


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