Stuart Kirkwood

Australian Intern 2019

I could not have predicted the impact and influence the 9th University Scholars Leadership Symposium had on my life. I left with a strong sense of liberty, drive and willingness to serve the underprivileged. I was ready to instill real meaning in my life through humanitarian pursuits in my future areas of work.

This profound feeling and the large international network of like-minded friends prompted me to grasp the opportunity of working with Humanitarian Affairs Asia. This required me to organise the next USLS and find other young leaders who would be willing to take up a leadership role.

Working with HA has not only connected me with outstanding and driven young professionals, who came together with a common goal. It gave me a skillset that can be applied to many professional roles in the future.

Serving as a Global Partnership Associate at HA helped me to hone a diverse skillset, including working with people from different backgrounds and cultures, being a persuasive speaker and communicating in professional settings. I also tried my hands at targeted marketing and data management. It taught me time management and the importance of discipline and self-reflection.

Most importantly, I gained a clear understanding of what drives, motivates, and really matters to me as an individual, and how to use my limited time to achieve my absolute best.

I entered this internship feeling fairly confident of my abilities, but only now do I realize how far I have come.

The incredible mentorship of the HA family has strengthened me as an individual. It’s a professional experience I will be forever grateful for.


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