We encourage youths to get hands on experience whenever they can. But the reality is, starting a service project in a foreign land is daunting.

There are cultural and language barriers. Governmental and societal mechanisms differ from country to country. There is no guidebook for budding humanitarians looking to enter the field.

Because of these difficulties, many young people feel that they are too inexperienced to start doing good.

Humanitarian Affairs wants to make the journey a little easier for youths. We will provide on-the-ground support for groups of at least 20 people, in a country of your choosing.

You may be looking to help Myanmar’s refugees, or a minority tribe in another part of the world. Our staff will be there to guide, mentor and support your group through the course of the service project.

Some groups prefer this support to be purely administrative. Others require resources on the ground to ensure that things run smoothly. Our team is here to listen. Start a conversation with us at secretariat@humanitarianaffairs.asia.

Journey of Love
Journey of Love
Journey of Love
Journey of Love
Journey of Love
Journey of Love
Journey of Love
Journey of Love
Journey of Love
Journey of Love


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