Catherine MacCarthy

Volunteering as a group leader at the 2018 Inaugural Peace Summit for Emerging Leaders was a life-changing experience. Working with other young leaders from various countries provided me with valuable lessons about cooperation, critical thinking and leadership.

Before the summit, we planned the schedule, facilitated delegate registration and  learned about event execution. The training gave me the confidence to lead and undertake assigned responsibilities.

Over the course of a few days, I became very close with the other group leaders and we were able to understand each other working styles.

Meeting delegates on registration day was an exciting and humbling experience. I was able to have conversations with many delegates before the summit began proper.

It was truly an unforgettable summit. More importantly, the skills and lessons I gained from this opportunity has helped me to become a better leader.

I am thankful to be given this rare opportunity to serve and my profound gratitude goes to Humanitarian Affairs Asia.

Catherine MacCarthy


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