Isabella Sciacca

USLS was an experience that spurred me to make a positive change in my community.

Whether you believe in helping your local community or wish to provide assistance to a community on the other side of the world, USLS will empower you with the courage to start now by following your passions and using your skill set.

The conference, which was attended by university students from around the globe, gave me the opportunity to network and share my ideas and experiences with others in the same position as myself. The possibilities of starting a new project were endless.

The world-renowned speakers, who shared their experiences in the not-for-profit sector, gave us insights on how to overcome potential challenges.

A personal highlight was having the opportunity to be a team leader on Service Learning Day. I coordinated an activity designed to encourage delegates to provide hope and support for a local community.

Not only was I provided a glimpse into life in a local Thai community, but I was also able to gain experience in planning and implementing a large-scale event, while working in a team of other leaders.

Here’s a big thank you to USLS. I truly appreciate the opportunity I was given to participate, the friendships I made and the knowledge I gained.

Isabella Sciacca


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