Joyce Chiu

Be brave and believe in yourself. This is what I would say about my leadership volunteering experience at USLS.

I still recall a speaker who said that whoever reaches first for a book will keep it. At that moment, I hesitated because I thought about all the embarrassing situations that might happen.

Maybe I would be too slow and wouldn’t get it. Or, I would run for it and be the only one. Then, a girl rushed out and got the book, to immense cheers in the hall. She taught me that I should not hesitate to reach for the things I desire, even when it comes to volunteering.

As a leader, I felt responsibility to assist delegates in any matters that they may need help with. I also got a look at the incredible amount of planning that goes on behind the scenes of the symposium. Every element is crucial and I was so lucky to be part of it.

On Service Learning Day, I was put in-charge of taking delegates to visit the slum. To prepare for it, the principal gave us an overview of the school’s background and its mission. This was how we organised the experience for delegates.

USLS has taught me to be brave and realised that even though we are individuals, we can make many things become a reality.

Joyce Chiu


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