Lucca Morosoli

The 9th United Scholars Leadership Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand was an unforgettable and inspirational experience.

Taking a leadership role was not unusual for me, but the magnitude of the role for an international conference, which was held at the United Nations Conference Centre, was something I had never experienced before.

As one of the group leaders, I arrived few days earlier in order to prepare myself and get trained by the staff of Humanitarian Affairs. Being surrounded by a diversified and qualified group of people helped me to grow in confidence and self-resilience. We went over the schedule and took part in fun group activities. This expanded our leadership skills, and allowed us to engage with other leaders and establish new friendships. Each one of us had different perspectives and came from various backgrounds.

Thanks to the training, I was not afraid and looked forward to the volunteering experience. Tasks like organising people on the bus and dividing them into smaller groups honed my leadership skills.

For Service Learning Day, I was assigned to clean the longest river in Bangkok — a task that seemed intimidating at first. But I embraced it and led a group of passionate and positive individuals.

I have learned so much from that time in USLS. It was a once in a lifetime experience that opened my eyes and heart to the real issues in the world. Thank you, Humanitarian Affairs for this great opportunity and coordinating such an amazing international event. I look forward to attending more events in the near future and transforming this world into a better place.

Lucca Morosoli


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