Lucy Stronach

Humanitarian Affairs provided the rare opportunity for hundreds of young leaders to serve on the global stage at the University Scholars Leadership Symposium. As a volunteer, it was an incredible and intriguing experience.

We were provided with in-depth training before the execution of this major event. We spent days going through our tasks and were trusted with a high level of responsibility.

Along with a group of exceptional young leaders, we worked behind the scenes and gained invaluable insights into the planning and implementation of the event.

Lifelong bonds were created between all the delegates, particularly when we were given the chance to spend a day volunteering in the local community. It was a great experience to lead others to serve the underprivileged.

We also made incredible connections with other youth leaders from far-flung countries who shared stories of trauma, resilience, war and peace. The symposium showed us that we could change the world with simple and powerful ideas. I believe that the week changed each and every participant for the better.

Lucy Stronach


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