May Myat Noe Oo

Being selected as a group leader for the 9th University Scholars Leadership Symposum, a large-scale international conference, had a strong impact on my path as a leader.

Prior to the symposium, all the young leaders from various countries were given leadership training by Humanitarian Affairs. It gave me a better understanding of the importance of leadership, cohesiveness and proactiveness. It also opened my eyes to the amount of work that goes behind the scenes to organise a successful international conference.

Working alongside with other selected leaders from diverse backgrounds was a remarkable experiences. In the coming days, we prepared for delegate registration and organised our responsibilities for the service-learning day. We grew in cohesiveness as a team and began to appreciate one another’s leadership styles and strengths. We worked towards a common goal — to maximise the learning outcomes for both delegates and the beneficiaries.

By the end of the symposium, I felt humbled and inspired by all the delegates. Despite our differences, we came together to learn, grow and strive to make our world a better place. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

May Myat Noe Oo


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