Rebecca Hofmann

The Peace Summit for Emerging Leaders was an excellent opportunity to explore peace in practice through the extraordinary speakers and workshops organised by Humanitarian Affairs.

Being surrounded by a group of passionate young leaders was uplifting and inspiring. Hearing stories from speakers and other delegates often left me awestruck. The summit illuminated how challenging peace can be, but it also highlighted that the search for peace can be highly emotional and transformative. 

It was an honour to be a delegate and serve as a team leader too. As a team leader, I participated in the summit and also worked behind-the-scenes with the Humanitarian Affairs team. This included helping with the daily operations and being part of the welcoming committee. It gave the opportunity to meet and network with delegates before the summit officially commenced. My role as a team leader also led to opportunities to design an interactive activity and to facilitate a parallel speaker session. These are opportunities that I wasn’t expecting as a delegate, but they were fun, challenging and allowed me to develop my professional skills in a supportive environment.

The Peace Summit may have only lasted a week, but it isn’t over for me. I continue to look for opportunities to practice peace, whether that is taking up yoga as a way to develop inner peace, building stronger relationships with my community through volunteering, or exploring global issues through events at my university. Peace seems like such an aspirational goal sometimes, something that young leaders can only dream of. The summit changed how I see peace and allowed me to pursue peace in a way that is meaningful and achievable.

Rebecca Hofmann


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