Humanitarian Affairs has roots in ground zero. In 2001, our founder Kim Solomon was in New York to attend a United Nations conference. 

On September 11, he saw smoke rising from the World Trade Centre. He watched helplessly as the twin towers collapsed like a stack of cards.

“Witnessing an atrocity of this scale changes your life forever,” Kim shared.

Volunteering was Kim’s first instinct, and he was tasked to assist rescue workers at a command centre on ground zero. 

In his diary, Kim recounted running through thick smoke, and limping back to the hotel later that night after spending more than 14 hours in the service of others. 

One fireman alluded the scene to a large Hollywood production. The only difference was that the casualties were real. 

This experience motivated Kim to start Humanitarian Affairs, with the aim of bringing more good into the world. 

He believes that youths are powerful agents of change. They are bubbling with energy. Full of ideas. Skilled. But they lack the courage to put their humanitarian plans in motion. 

In other words, many young people find themselves starting from ground zero. 

Kim believes in their can-do spirit. He hopes that more youths will work for the betterment of their communities and the world at large, just liked the many courageous firemen who sacrificed their lives at ground zero. 

As humans, we are called to be empathetic, passionate and inspiring examples for others.   Through Humanitarian Affairs, Kim hopes to empower more youths to serve. 

No matter where they start from, ground zero or not, he is determined to give them a push to do good. 

No one is too young or inexperienced to make a difference in the world. What one lacks is the courage to make things happen.

I am always intrigued by the Humanitarian Affairs, Asia conferences and programs. Not only were they inspirational, they were thought provoking as well. I would like to encourage more young people to make time to come and be part of the exciting, life-transforming events organized by HA Asia.



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