The journey starts with YOU!

Like any leading character, your story and actions define who you are. Attending the Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders is the beginning of a life-transforming tale. One that will tell of your life’s journey to become a Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassador.

To be an ambassador for peace, you must demonstrate your passion to serve humanity and your zealousness to promote peace-building efforts. Attending the Peace Summit will give you many incredible opportunities to do that.

Delegates will also hear inspiring testimonies from renowned global trail-makers – everyday heroes who have made a real difference in the world. You will also have the opportunity to attend workshops and gain the skills necessary to step forth as a peace advocate.

Like any good protagonist, the true quest starts when you step out of your comfort zone and make the first step to attend the Peace Summit. 

The Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders is an experience like no other. Equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to serve, the Peace Summit will ignite and develop your leadership power and dauntless spirit – a spirit that will set you on the path to begin your adventure as a Peace Ambassador.

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