Peace Starts with Me

The Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders is a transformational leadership series that empowers the future generation of peacebuilders from around the world. Each year, the most outstanding delegates are nominated to represent their esteemed institution of higher learning at the Summit. 

In the face of new global challenges, young people often feel they lack the resources and experience in the development of peace efforts. This inspirational opportunity will compel you to abandon your fears and confidently serve as an Ambassador for Peace.

Peace is at the core of everything we do – and yet we are not aware we possess such a power. Once we can bring peace to the forefront of our awareness, the world will surely be good, for we will lead each day with peace always in our mind and heart.”

Secretary-General, Humanitarian Affairs Asia

By attending the Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders:

You will come to realise the important role you play in the future of peacebuilding. 

You will gain the skills and confidence necessary to lead sustainable peace projects.

You will form part of a global network of passionate and like-minded individuals who believe in a more inclusive and peaceful world.

Emerge as a Peace Champion for the Future by joining us at the 3rd Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders at the United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok.

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