I believe that through innovation, we can build our nation Sierra Leone.

Despite most traditional media declining in demand, the radio is in a different league – regardless of being outdated when compared to current technology; not only can a radio connect listeners from around the world but it can also connect and strengthen communities.

Kelvin Doe, from Sierra Leone, realised the impact a radio can have so after collecting scrap metals and various other recycled materials, he self-engineered a radio – and at just 13 years of age! After successfully building the radio, he began broadcasting news and music for his community under the stage name ‘DJ Focus’. However, his passion for engineering began years before, at the age of 10; Doe would scavenge for scrapped electronics from dump sites and invent various items, such as a generator and home-made batteries.

After participating in a local competition, Doe was recognised by and invited to visit MIT University in the United States of America – there, he was the youngest visiting practitioner at 16 years of age. Shortly after, inspired by his visit abroad, he founded KDoe-Tech Inc which develops, designs, and sells consumer electronics and logistics services – an example of an innovative gadget would be the emergency shoe charger.

Doe also started The Kelvin Doe Foundation which was created with the intent to help his community and country. During the devastating 2017 flood which severely affected Sierra Leone, Doe used the foundation to raise funds for clothing, food, and medication.

“I believe that through innovation, we can build our nation Sierra Leone,” Doe said.

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