Youths are keen observers of the world around them.

They are curious. They crave new experiences. They are unafraid to raise critical issues that are weighing on their minds.

Above all, they desire to champion a cause that’s larger than themselves.

But many youths feel alone in their humanitarian pursuits. They fear that they are too poor, young or inexperienced to change the world.

The annual University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) shows youths that they can. Delegates will meet hundreds of like-minded peers who want to build a peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world.

They will spend a week networking, helping needy communities, and hearing from movers and shakers of the humanitarian world.

USLS nurtures emerging world leaders by giving them the confidence to lead sustainable development projects in their communities. It is where ideas grow, collaborations take place and diverse voices unite for a better world.

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