How the USLS Stands Above the Rest

For up-and-coming Humanitarian Superstars, the University Scholars Leadership Symposium is the first step of a life-long journey.

The profound impact of the Symposium endures long after attendance – as many of our delegates leave equipped with the confidence and knowledge to start their own initiatives.

By attending the USLS, delegates will discover that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit extra and shine bright for the whole world to see. The electrifying atmosphere at the 2021 USLS will ignite your passion to better serve humanity and drive you to step out of your comfort zone, setting your heart on a greater cause. Become empowered as you exemplify the 4 P’s: Passion, Persistence, Patience and Purpose.

The USLS is a program like no other! Igniting the flame of humanity deep within you, the USLS will set your heart ablaze and motivate you to champion justice, give a voice to the voiceless and unleash the potential within yourself to become the leader you were destined to be.

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