Aslihan Konez

Placement Advisor

Roots should not keep you in one place. You can have roots to make anywhere your home, wherever your dreams are. This is something Aslihan strongly believes in.

During her university years, she travelled around the world and discovered an interest in the hospitality industry. She wishes to experience different cultures and be pushed out of her comfort zone.

Originally from Turkey, she took up an internship placement with Humanitarian Affairs Asia on her first foray into Asia.

The experience changed her life. She witnessed how passionate people, regardless of their backgrounds, can touch many lives by simply doing their best.

We should give something of ourselves to others everyday. What and how much we give is up to us.

Aslihan subsequently returned to Turkey and shared many invaluable lessons with the young people there.

She supports Humanitarian Affairs in its mission to nurture young minds and groom leaders of tomorrow.

“Everybody has a different story to live,” Aslihan says. “Never give up on your dreams and have enough courage to step into the unknown. Touch as many lives as you can during this journey.”


To Make The World
We Call Home
A Better Place


We Believe
That Our Work
Improves Lives


To Inspire Youths
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