Brennan Garcia

Placement Advisor

Challenges in life often influence people in ways they would never have expected. They have given Brennan an ambitious curiosity to discover what the future has in store for him.

Despite never having run half a or full marathon, Brennan spent 11 hours running 40 miles in an ultra-marathon with a broken foot. He has also worked on humanitarian causes in Thailand and Vietnam, and hitchhiked around Iceland engaging with both the locals and foreigners.

Brennan is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Barcelona, tens of thousands of miles away from his home, family and friends in the United States. 

He values challenges in life. During an internship placement with Humanitarian Affairs Asia, he learned that when someone embraces life’s obstacles with the right attitude, it results in immense growth, development, and the ability to help others improve their lives.

He looks forward to taking on a new role with Humanitarian Affairs.


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