Indiana Luthra

Program Specialist

Conflict is ever-present and naturally occurring. It is not negative or positive, yet it is what we do that will result in more violence or more peace. It offers choice. The choice to lead, the choice to serve, the choice to join in Humanitarian Affairs.  

Indiana has always had a passion for helping others and has endured to see fairness prevail. From a young age, she pursued leadership roles including as a peer support leader and as a mentor at Macquarie University.

Indiana also attended two National Leadership Camps in Australia hosted by Burn Bright that aimed to create an environment that teaches high school students to embrace their own values and traits, creating a leadership style that is completely unique.

Indiana attended the Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders, held at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, hosted by Humanitarian Affairs Asia in 2018. Indiana felt so inspired by the Speakers that she decided to pursue legal study after completing a Bachelor of Marketing and Media.

Though Indiana was born and resides in Australia, having a mother who is half Thai and half English, and a father who is Indian; multiculturalism has always played a huge part of her life.

The sincerity Indiana experienced with Humanitarian Affairs Asia and the positive impact it has had on her life, has led her to want to share it with others.

Indiana is ready to join the HA family as a Program Specialist, where she hopes to inspire and encourage others about all that HA has to offer.


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