Jack Growden

Program Advisor

This 20-year-old university student was on the plane home from Papua New Guinea when he saw his name in its national newspapers with the headline; “Aussie student promises 12 laptops to school”.

Getting donations for the laptops, covering travelling costs and navigating cultural dynamics, legalities and customs – this seemed like an impossible task.

Jack did not quit. He rolled up his sleeves, raised $7,000 and returned to Papua New Guinea to fulfil his promise, establishing the first computer lab in a Papua New Guinean primary school.

His insatiable energy and determination fueled the founding of LiteHaus International, a fully-fledged multinational development agency. The agency has assisted over 2,000 young people from three countries in their educational pursuits.

Jack supports Humanitarian Affairs Asia in mentoring young people who are willing to take on the challenge of making a difference in the world.


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