Leonie Nahhas

Placement Advisor

Life is always in motion but the good news is that we get to decide the direction. In the early stages of Leonie’s journey, she was faced with two choices: to give in to the quicksand of uncertainty or embark on the winding road of growth.

She chose to begin.

When Leonie was just 16, she organized fundraising campaigns for two leading charities — Caritas Australia and St. Vincent De Paul Society. Soon after, she was selected to participate in the Youth Leader Formation Course, a month-long intensive program exploring the themes of Servant Leadership, Civic Responsibility and Community Service.

It was then that she made a lifetime commitment to serve through works of kindness and unconditional service.

Leonie continues to take steps towards positive change. Her work includes giving training in English and Life Skills to at-risk children and youth in Vietnam and Cambodia.

She has also conducted research on the well-being of children with Cerebral Palsy in Indonesia, and provided educational, counselling and humanitarian support to vulnerable student communities in the Philippines.

Leonie dedicated a full year to pursue the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in 2016.

In 2018, she served in Humanitarian Affairs Asia as an organizing member for the inaugural Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders.

Once a delegate at another HA event, she is now a proud Peace Ambassador who continues to champion global causes.

That same year, she received the Humanitarian Affairs Asia’s Global Youth Award. Leonie hopes to empower her fellow youths to flourish, to lead purposeful lives and to contribute to society as responsible citizens.

To encourage them, she says: It’s time you choose to begin.


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