Natasha Godsiff

Program Specialist

One small act of kindness can have a lasting impact – and at Humanitarian Affairs Asia, our actions hold the power to bring about positive change.

For Natasha Godsiff, a final-year Law student at the University of Cambridge, her determination to make a positive impact alongside her studies is driven by her passion for human rights.

In the past, she has led a university society dedicated to improving education in Nepal, served as a voluntary adviser for her local community through Citizens Advice, and mentored students from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain places at top universities.

Natasha’s journey with Humanitarian Affairs Asia began at the 10th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The programme was an unforgettable week of learning, sharing, and forming global networks with young leaders from across the globe. Natasha left the symposium empowered to leave a purposeful life and motivated to start her own social project.

Inspired by the following quote delivered by Katie Couric at the 10th USLS: “Changing the world doesn’t happen all at once. It isn’t a big bang. It’s an evolution, the sum of a billion tiny sparks. And some of those sparks will have to come from you,” Natasha is elated to join Humanitarian Affairs Asia as a Program Specialist.

An opportunity she says will allow her to become part of the evolution and create sparks that will make a real change in the world.


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