Rahila Haidary

Program Advisor

Connection thrives, diversity is celebrated, and peace enjoyed in communities where empathy is fostered through shared stories. Sometimes, hearing someone’s story of triumph and action is just what is needed for others to make moves towards their worthwhile causes.

Her story is one of oppression of the Afghani people by the Taliban, which limited access to education for girls. Eventually, her family managed to triumph and find freedom on shores thousands of miles away from home. It gave her the courage to be a voice for the voiceless and a catalyst for female economic empowerment. She had a story that a community of young leaders needed to hear.

Rahila has become an outstanding young leader who has generously shared her own story and used her rich intellectual capital to promote understanding of the refugee experience, strengthen cross-cultural empathy, and advocate for gender equality and human rights.

She has launched Afsana, a social enterprise that economically empowers women in Afghanistan and other developing countries by giving them opportunities and hope. She also simultaneously launched Youth-Led Inc, an innovative NGO that offers support and funding to young Australians wanting to initiate their own good causes.

Rahilia is not only an advocate for education and female economic empowerment, but an inspiring storyteller of remarkable calibre. She has benefited from the Humanitarian Affairs programs and has now stepped forward to be counted.


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