Siran Uhrig

Communications Specialist

Leading life to serve others, Siran loves nothing more than travelling and meeting new people from all walks of life, which is what first introduced her to the work of Humanitarian Affairs Asia.

A delegate of the 2018 USLS, the experience both humbled and inspired Siran to continue in the pursuit of serving others, where she now hopes to do so as a Communications Specialist with HA.

Siran brings to the team, a passion to help those in need where she volunteered her time supporting a newly arrived refugee family from Myanmar and at a local homeless shelter.

Growing up on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, Siran holds degrees in Law, Psychology and International Relations and is pursuing a Master’s in International Development.

Siran has experience helping others on an international scale with a focus on the promotion of women’s economic empowerment and as an advocate for the right to education for refugee and migrant children. One such program supports women and girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda with the International NGO, One Girl.

Siran believes that her experience with HA will help her to develop the skills necessary to continue her work in supporting women’s empowerment. She is excited to take the next step within the HA family.


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