Sirawit Khanthik

Account Manager

The possibilities are endless when it comes to numbers. Yet one thing rings true – that our time spent on Earth is limited. This is why we must live authentically and with passion, serving others through our natural talents.

A fascination with numbers is what led a young and curious Sirawit to study accountancy at one of Thailand’s leading Universities.

Thanks to his acquired skills and hard-work, with over 24 years of public accounting experience, Sirawit achieved an M.B.A in Finance from Ramkhumheang University and is a certified public accountant.

After extensive experience with commercial enterprises, Sirawit became determined to add value by giving back to society. Naturally Humanitarian Affairs Asia was the right choice for his skills.

Sirawit hopes to use his accounting expertise to strengthen the value of Humanitarian Affairs Asia, an organisation he believes truly cares for the well-being of our future generation.


To Make The World
We Call Home
A Better Place


We Believe
That Our Work
Improves Lives


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