It is said that God created dogs for human beings because they need a faithful companion – someone who would love unconditionally. We have much to learn from our furry friends.

This is where Humanitarian Affairs’ youngest Chief Officer of Morale, Snowie, “pawsitively” shines.

Born in Chiang Mai, Thailand with her ancestry originating in Japan, her tale of hardship to now loved teammate is a heart-warming one. Snowie was sold, neglected and unwell and has to undergo a major orthopedic surgery when she was a few months old.

Every dog has her day and for Snowie, it is best spent keeping a keen eye on her friends and colleagues. For Snowie, love is not a feeling but action. Whether it’s a bark in the morning to say hello or sitting close by to keep you company at work, Snowie is always there to support you.


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