Victoria Wallace

Communications Specialist

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world and at HA, ideas are turned into action!

Having grown up in an international environment and being exposed to different cultures, politics and literature from an early age, Victoria has made it her goal to make the diverse world we live in, a better place.

She believes that if you want to help people, you must extend a hand to the next person that comes in need without hesitation. This mindset enabled Victoria to go forth into her travels with a humanistic touch including at the European Youth Parliament as the leader of her debate team. Through the art of dialogue, Victoria was able to bring to light the importance of defending human rights.

In addition to her time spent volunteering and fundraising for animal rights and protection, Victoria’s next goal is to contribute to the reduction of climate change, which says is an expression of her gratitude for the beauty of our world and the peace it gives us.

Having attended Humanitarian Affairs Asia’s International Diplomacy Forum, where she met hundreds of like-minded individuals who shared a common purpose, Victoria now believes that HA is her home away from home. She now proudly joins the team as a Communications Specialist.


To Make The World
We Call Home
A Better Place


We Believe
That Our Work
Improves Lives


To Inspire Youths
To Step Forward
As Servant Leaders

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