The mission of Humanitarian Affairs is to empower young people and facilitate those youth who are passionate about positive social change.

The organisation was established with a vision to set an action based example for young people interested in making a difference to those less fortunate than themselves. It aims to translate their intention and ideas into action, and provide comprehensive exposure for the development of well-rounded future leaders.

Humanitarian Affairs seeks to create a drive and sense of purpose in young leaders by equipping them with the rights skills and tools to spark a generation of dynamic individuals paving the way for the larger social good. Besides championing the cause of the young, it has developed several humanitarian initiatives in Southeast Asia: relief missions in disaster prone areas, offering educational services, distribution of provisions to the needy, and providing bicycles and stationary to children, aiming to make their access to education physically easier and possible.

Who We Are

Humanitarian Affairs was founded with a mission to empower leaders of tomorrow.
Through the years of service, we have remained a boutique organisation with eyes and ears on the ground.

Our dedicated team is passionate about activities, initiatives and programmes specially tailored to prepare the next generation of world leaders.

Staying small has allowed us to be hands on, nimble and relevant. With little bureaucracy and red tape, we have been able to appeal to youths around the world.

They have learned from us, worked with us, and put their takeaways to good use at home.

Youth Development has always been our focus.a

Meet Our Team


To Make the World We Call Home a Better Place


We Believe that Our Work Improves Lives


To Inspire Youths to Step Forward as Servant Leaders

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